#54 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 17h on Wednesday, 6th May 2020


184 active cases – 7 less than yesterday.

0 new cases – 1 less than yesterday. 15 people in hospital. 9 on the ward. 6 in ICU (5 with mechanical ventilation) – all the same as yesterday.

18 cases in El Cedre: (4 from Salita) – 1 less than yesterday. 169 cases isolated at home – 7 cases less than yesterday.

5 cases amongst special services – same as for several days.

31 cases amongst healthcare professionals – 5 less than yesterday.

521 recovered – 7 more than yesterday.

46 deceased – the same as yesterday. 751 Pandemic accumulated cases:


· Screening: More than 20,000 people have already been screened in this first round. A procedure has been established for sending an SMS to communicate if the IgM has been positive to all people who have passed the test. About 18,000 text messages have been sent today. This is a temporary measure while the web platform is not operational to be able to consult the results. The telephone number for details of the results is 77 50 06.

· Grifols, a pharmaceutical company, has designed a technique to detect patients using a test similar to PCR, called TMA. It has also made available, free of charge, 2 machines for determining TMA with the capacity to perform 1,000 tests a day. Post-screening detection will be more efficient with this tool.



· Second package of measures: 910 companies have requested contract suspensions and / or reductions in working hours. 8,118 people from these companies are affected by these measures. On average they represent 23% of the staff. Therefore, the majority of contract suspensions have been requested, representing 80% of the requests.

· In the coming days, a regulation will be issued to clarify which measures can be applied and which cannot be applied to the self-employed, regarding the reduction or suspension of the CASS contribution and the provision of a minimum government salary to which they are entitled.

· Self-employed workers who have stopped working can request the suspension of the contribution (right to health coverage but not an accident at work).

· Self-employed workers with significantly reduced activity can apply for a reduction in contributions and / or government benefits


· A call has been opened to access the 2 places available to the Government at the University Residence Hall in Paris. Applications must be made at www.ensenyamentsuperior.ad.

· Sports organizations may apply for aid until 21st May now that the Council of Ministers has urgently approved the call for such aid.

· Unicef has donated 6,000 paediatric masks to the Ministry of Social Affairs, which will distribute them to children in need.

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