#53 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 17h on Tuesday, 5th May 2020

LATEST UPDATE ON COVID-19 PATIENTS IN ANDORRA 191 active cases – 15 less than yesterday.

1 new case – 2 less than yesterday.

15 people hospitalized – 1 less than yesterday. 9 on the ward – 2 more than yesterday. 6 in the ICU – 3 less than yesterday, (5 with mechanical ventilation – 1 more than yesterday.)

19 cases in El Cedre: – 6 less than yesterday. (7 from la Salita ).

176 cases isolated at home – 14 less than yesterday.

5 cases amongst special services – same as for several days.

36 cases amongst healthcare professionals – the same as yesterday.

514 people recovered – 15 more than yesterday.

46 deceased – 1 more than yesterday.

751 Pandemic accumulated cases:


Present at the press release were the Minister of Health: Joan Martínez Benazet,

Doctora Mireia Garcia and Doctora Cristina Royo

· Epidemiological situation: The number of recovered cases are now greater than active ones The behaviour of the curve has remained favourable despite the country starting to ease the confinement rules. The total case curve remains flat. Distancing measures are working. Most cases are found amongst workers in their 40s and 60s, basically the people who move the most. We follow the recommendations of social distancing and the importance of isolating people who present with the virus.

· Remember that the time slot between 11h and 14h is exclusively for outings of the elderly.

· It has been observed that the recommended distances in other countries are lower than ours but we insist that 4 meters distance when walking and 10 meters when running should be maintained in Andorra.

· Screening for antibodies: 14,000 tests were performed yesterday afternoon. There was a problem with registering the data which has led to delays in communicating results but by now this should be resolved. The Ministry of Health will notify each person of their test result. If the result indicates that there may be a contagious factor, you will be contacted the same day and you will be asked to contact your GP to proceed with the corresponding diagnostic protocol. Also, you will be reminded of the time of your appointment for the second test. The comuns will be calling all people who have an appointment after today, Wednesday, now that the initial groups have already been tested in the first days of this week. Cross-border commuters’ screening will be done at the Fire Station.

· Antibody tests detect immunity but are not a clinical diagnosis. The aim is to detect people who have already had the disease and those who may be having symptoms right now. Given the length of the operation, your GP will interpret the test results. For the result to be conclusive, it is necessary to do the second test.

· For cases with a positive IgM, a PCR test may be performed to check for coronavirus infection.

· Volunteers were given the results at the time of their test but the rest of the population will be sent the results by SMS message with indications in case of a positive IgM.

· In cases of negative IgM, they will also receive a message and a reminder of the recommendations.

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