# 45 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 17h on Sunday, 26th April, 2020


326 active cases – 14 less than yesterday which was 7 less than the day before.

2 new cases – yesterday there were 7.

32 cases in hospital – 2 more than yesterday, 16 on the ward – 2 more than yesterday, 16 in the ICU (12 with mechanical ventilation) ICU has remained the same since yesterday.

32 cases in El Cedre – 1 less than two days ago (13 from la Salita).

294 people isolated at home – 16 less than yesterday.

5 cases amongst Special services – same as yesterday.

49 cases amongst healthcare professionals – 3 more than yesterday.

374 recovered – 16 more than yesterday which was 14 more than the day before.

40 deaths in total – the same as yesterday.

740 Pandemic accumulated cases.


· The Minister stated that the epidemiological situation remains stable but it should be remembered that there are still 12 people on mechanical ventilators in the ICU. This is a point of tension in the health system and he reminded us that in order not to saturate the system, we must stick strictly to the new exceptions to total confinement. He particularly asked us to respect the time slots and the days when we can go out. And remember to always use a mask when out of the house.

· Mass antibody test. Martínez Benazet explained that each technique has its uses: PCR is the test needed to know if a person has the virus. Antibodies are what will be used now to find out who has suffered from the disease. Some do so without symptoms. Doing so in two screenings will detect virtually all people who are sick or asymptomatic. It will allow us to move from a model in which the entire population is confined to a model where only sick people and contacts will be confined. For this reason, he calls on the entire population to participate in this project.

· It’s not too late to sign up. If you need help, ask a friend to register for you or email me at [email protected] including your phone number. To sign up you’ll need your census number – the long one on your Residencia or CASS card – then your full name on your card, year of birth and landline telephone number, home address and email address and whether you can get there by car or not. If you can’t open the web site check if you have an antivirus VPN based outside Andorra. If so, disable it whilst working on line at https://coronavirus.govern.ad/appointment – and then remember to re-enable it!

· Antibody tests allow them to detect: IgG (defences that last longer) and IgM (defences that appear more quickly when someone is sick).

· Anyone with high IgM will know the results on the same day, as they will have to have a PCR to find out if they need treatment or to be isolated. The rest will know the results after two weeks. The Minister stated that, with regard to the actual tests, (which were being checked here over the weekend) the first data they have is that they are of excellent quality.



· Soft loans. Minister Jover reports that they are already in the final stages of resolving all requests. As for the data, 1,502 requests have been received, of which 1,271 have already been resolved. Of these, 1,134 were accepted and 137 were denied. Overall, 110.5 million euros have been granted for operations and 3.6 million for refinancing.

· Temporary workers. The Minister informed us that 14 temporary workers have already left Andorra and, in addition, a flight is being organized from Barcelona leaving on 2nd May in which temporary workers will be repatriated from Andorra – presumably to Argentina.

· As to the cost of the antibody tests, they will cost 1.6 million euros, including the logistics costs. In addition, the hours of professional workers, protective equipment, etc. must also be taken into account.


· Solidarity fund. Jover reports that a total of 2,049,698 euros has already been collected, adding together all the SMS to 828 plus Ajuda and donations through bank accounts. They are grateful for the efforts of the entire population.

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