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340 active COVID cases – 7 less than yesterday which was 6 less than the day before.

7 new cases – yesterday there were 8

30 people in hospital – 1 more than yesterday. 14 on the wards – 1 more than yesterday. 16 in ICU the same as yesterday (12 with ventilators – 1 more than yesterday)

310 people isolated at home – 13 less than yesterday

5 amongst special services – 2 less than yesterday.

46 amongst healthcare professionals – 3 less than yesterday.

358 recovered – 14 more than yesterday.

40 deaths – the same as yesterday.

738 Pandemic cumulative cases


· Antibody tests. The Minister of Health, Joan Martínez Benazet, said 158,000 coronavirus antibody tests arrived in the country on Friday night. That is enough to test the whole population twice. Remember, the tests will start this Wednesday and will first be done on volunteers, health professionals, special services, etc. You will be notified of your test appointment by email and/or SMS. It is the largest operation ever set up in Andorra. Benazet asks all of us to be patient. With the first test information will only be provided on a case-by-case basis in the event of need for medical action. Otherwise the information will be given after the two screenings. In other words you will only hear after the first test if you are found positive.

· It’s not too late to sign up. To sign up you’ll need your census number – the long one on your Residencia or CASS card – then your full name on your card, year of birth and landline telephone number, home address and email address and whether you have a car or not.

· The Minister of Health warned that he had observed a relaxation in the public response to government recommendations. Above all, he emphasized the importance of reserving the outdoor time slot from 11h – 14h for the most vulnerable people.

· Martínez Benazet explained that a reorganization of the hospital is planned to attend to people not affected by Covid-19. He also announced that they have created a new protocol that allows, in certain cases and as far as possible, for fathers to attend their baby’s birth.

Government of Andorra


· Minister Eric Jover indicated that yesterday’s mobility is only down 67%, from the start of lockdown while last week we were at – 80%. They are seriously concerned about this increase.

· Andorra’s Financial rating. The minister indicated that Standard & Poor’s has reaffirmed the country’s rating as BBB / A-2, in the context of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. In this sense, they have valued very positively the health infrastructure as well as the economic measures that have been developed. However, they are concerned about Andorra’s economic dependence on its neighbouring states, both for the flow of goods and people. They appreciate the progress made by the Government of Andorra towards joining the International Monetary Fund, as well as the association agreement with the European Union. So, although they are revising the future outlook for Andorra from positive to stable, it is a positive result and they believe that Andorra has a significant resilience capacity.


· SMS text messages to 828 plus Ajuda, have recently raised around 50,000€ a day. Why not send one every day as you read this message? It will add just 2€ to your telephone bill and every little will help Andorra’s recovery.

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