36% of the administrative procedures in Andorra were done online in 2018

36% of the administrative procedures in Andorra were done online in 2018

The Administration has managed 160,977 transactions in 2018, of which 57,832 (36%) were made through its web portal, www.e-tramits.ad.

The Secretary of State for Public Function and Administrative Reform, Antoni Rodríguez, has valued this data as very positive because it demonstrates the modernization of procedures with the creation of electronic identity and administrative simplifications.

The implementation of the electronic certificate for both people and companies has allowed users to access public portals and carry out all kinds of administrative procedures.

Procedures that citizens had to do in person, such as the renewal of the extra-curricular ski pass, registration for the Catalan examinations, free bus renewal and school transport, hunting and fishing licenses, now have the advantage of being able to process by themselves online. Other steps such as the 9,500 renewals or duplications of the passport and driver’s license that are made each year must be in person and can be done in less than 30 minutes.

The modernization of the Administration since 2015 has also served to take a step forward in contributing to the sustainability of the environment. The digitalization of the process has allowed the non-circulation of about 50,000 sheets a year.

Antoni Rodríguez assured that, by 2019, it is foreseen that there will be an even more frequent usage of online procedures that are available to users and that we can represent 59% of the operations.

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