#32 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Monday day, 13th April, 2020


478 active cases (3 less than yesterday. The day before was 19 less.)

48 cases were in hospital, 32 in the wards and 15 in the ICU, with 13 on mechanical ventilation + 1 person from La Seu d’Urgell.)

430 are isolated at home.

65 health professionals were positive – 6 less than the day before

46 positive cases in El Cedre (18 of them from la Salita)The same as yesterday

646 total cases (139 cured, 29 deceased)

The minister emphasized “The very good news: seven people from the El Cedre Social Health Centre have been able to overcome the disease”.


· Martinez Benazet emphasized that the information that had been published (in newspapers) regarding the first phase of opening up was based on an initial working document which had not been finalized. The minister remarked that when the text has been decided on, the information will be provided through official sources.

· The protocol to go for walks outside should be ready between today and tomorrow.

· Use of masks for children. They are not recommended for children under 2 – 3 years old. There are no versions that fit well for ages 3 – 12. From 13 onwards you can use adult ones. For the age group 3 – 12/13 years, the possibility of making suitable cloth masks is being considered.

· Martínez Benazet reminded us that in the first phase of opening up to certain activities we will have to continue to be responsible. A protocol is planned to allow for controlled outings. It will be completed in the next few days, when it will be officially announced.

· Martinez Benazet called on the population to persevere in the present confinement situation.

· The Minister of Health reminded us that the Government is working to carry out an epidemiological study of antibody analysis for the whole population of Andorra.

· Joan Martínez Benazet emphasized that “The boys and girls are the driving force behind the fight against this global pandemic. ” He added, “Thanks a lot to the citizens of Andorra for this collective struggle.”

· Regarding the use of protective masks against # COVID19, the Health Minister asked, “When you put on your mask, who do you help most ? It’s the person in front of you. ” (This presumably refers to the very present danger of airborne infection.)

· Joan Martínez Benazet emphasized that when the opening phase begins, the criteria for citizen responsibility must continue to prevail and continue in the same pattern.


· Yesterday’s Government press conference was attended by both the spokesman for Government and Finance, Eric Jover, and the Minister of Presidency, Economy and Business, Jordi Gallardo.

· Eric Jover stated that the figures show the ambition and the degree of commitment by the Government. He pointed out that direct and indirect investment by the state to alleviate the economic and social effects of the #coronavirus crisis is 416 million

euros. “We have been able to release almost 100% of the budget, to help our economic fabric.”

· Jover explained that today’s press conference is associated with the Bill on new exceptional and urgent measures for the health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The aim is to explain a series of complex measures linked to the project.

· The Government spokesman emphasized that the formula, contained in the new Bill, including the temporary suspension of work contracts and the reduction of working hours, will allow the Government to achieve its priorities: protecting jobs and preserving the productive fabric.

· Jover said, “It is a necessary commitment to the economic fabric of our country and to the citizens. We have to make this effort and we have already begun to draw up the lines of a balanced financial plan.”

· Minister Gallardo emphasized that the Government’s goal is to protect companies and guarantee jobs so as to “leave no one behind.” No one will be left without the necessary assistance which is why we appeal for everyone’s efforts,” referring to temporarily suspending employment contracts and reducing working hours. For those with higher wages the reduction will be proportionately higher. Those on the lowest incomes are protected, ensuring their minimum wage 100% .

· Gallardo emphasized that, with the measures presented by the Executive, “No person and no family will be out on the street. They will have the support of the Andorran Government.”

· Jover said that workers who are subject to temporary suspension of employment contracts or a reduction in working hours will be able to access reduced rent subsidies and may apply for a mortgage loan payment for any shortfall.

· Gallardo said that the Bill provides for the application of temporary suspension of employment contracts and the reduction of working hours from 1st May 2020..

· Minister Gallardo said that the Department of Labour and Employment will be strengthened further to handle individual doubts and problems in specific cases linked to the new bill, as well as to manage the measures provided for in its norms.

· The Spokesman stated that, with the economic and social measures presented by the Government of Andorra, “We have sought to preserve citizen’s purchasing power as much as possible.”



· Sant Romà de les Bons Day was, as always, celebrated on Easter Monday!

ORDINO & La Massana

· NordAndorra: Reminds the companies and professionals of La Massana and Ordino that if you want the temporary electrricity rates to apply, download the form and the declaration from the website and send it to [email protected]


· Some ducks’ eggs have hatched and an adorable flock of little ducklings are on the pond in Central Park! Soon we will be able to see them … Happy Easter! If you go to the comú’s twitter account you can see a short video clip of them.


· Tomorrow the Easter Lunch Hatching chick returns in a format adapted to #confinement via Instagram Pushpin session by Carol Caubet


· Music and Mini travel throughout the parish #EscaldesEngordany, by Minie, Mickey and Olaf. A little joy, despite the rain!

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