305 mm (12 dm) Gaubica Obrasca 1915 Goda

A batch of eight howitzers was first made for the needs of the fleet, but was assigned to the War Department. In July 1915, the GAU reviewed the results of testing naval 305-mm howitzers, and it was decided to accept them for service with the army. 08/13/1915 The Obukhov plant was given an order for the manufacture of eight 305-mm howitzers mod. 1915 at a price of 271,500 rubles per howitzer. Accordingly, the Obukhov Plant gave an order to the Metal Plant for eight carriages. The howitzers ordered by the GAU were designed in the same way as the howitzers of the Naval Department, but were intended to be mounted on wooden bases.

Manufacturer: Обуховский завод (Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire)

Rate of fire: 1 rate/3 minutes

Muzzle velocity: 442 m/s

Fire range: 13,490 m

Weight: 63,900 kg

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

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