#29 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Friday, 10th April, 2020


504 active cases (4 more than yesterday which was 11 more than the day before)

40 in hospital: 24 on the wards and 16 in ICU (13 with mechanical ventilation. 1 new patient admitted).

464 at home.

17 special workers are positive – the same as yesterday.

82 healthcare workers are positive – 8 fewer than yesterday

71 hospital patients were discharged.

601 total accumulated cases tested positive for Covid-19

26 total fatalities (1more than yesterday due to the post mortem results of a patient who died on 7th April.)


(Guiding our Minister of Health is the medical consultant, Oriol Mitjà, an international expert in epidemics.)

· Yesterday the Minister of Health, Joan Martínez Benazet (isolated at home with mild Covid-19 symptoms) reported that the pressure on the healthcare system had dropped significantly, which indicates that the measures taken have been correct. He also reminded us that the ICU had been strengthened by 5 new mechanical ventilators, one of them the result of an altruistic donation from an Andorran family.

· Reopening Economic sectors. Martínez Benazet stated that in the current situation – in which the pressure on the healthcare system has diminished and it appears that we are moving towards the flattening of the curve of incidence – we can have some peace of mind and may consider opening certain very specific sectors, but remember that the policy is to asses the epidemic control day by day, making decisions wisely.

· Cuban doctors. Benazet reported that they have started work this week and that they are already supporting SAAS professionals.

· Covid-19 Symptoms. Remember that mild symptoms are now known to be skin manifestations (most common in infants) and others that affect smell and taste and that is aside from aspects that mimic the flu, such as overall tiredness and headache. The most alarming symptoms are when respiratory symptoms begin.

· The seriousness of the picture is due to lung involvement, and the Health Minister confirmed that the lethality ratio of the disease in Andorra is lower than in other places, perhaps because we have a wider tested base and that the healthcare system of confinement has been robust, despite the intensity of the infection.



· The government spokesman, Eric Jover, told the virtual press conference that yesterday there had been a meeting of the Cap de Govern (Head of Government) and the Minister of the Presidency within the framework of the Social Economic Council, which includes union representatives, employers and various of the country’s economic agents. Here the Cap de Govern, Xavier Espot presented the strategic lines

of the law that will come into effect in the coming week, wanting to share some of the proposals and find a consensus amongst all the affected economic actors.

· The main objective of the law is to protect workers’ jobs, which is why the first package was injected. The second package reviews the omnibus law’s measures to strengthen some sectors, such as offering more aid to the self-employed. At the time of economic reactivation after shutdown, a third package will be needed, which will be discussed later.

· A webpage has been opened for students and teachers. It collects information about the school year and gives access to an educational resource bank. Access is via the government web govern.ad/coronavirus or infoeducacio.ad

· Seasonal workers: On 6th April, the Portuguese temporary workers returned to their country and 5 Andorran nationals were repatriated. Argentine authorities are negotiating the return of the many hundreds of Argentinean seasonal workers stuck in Andorra.

· Transit. There have been several road accidents, the result of irresponsibility. Traffic is – 85% nationally, on the Hispanic border -92% and on the French -95%.


· The Solidarity fund accounts opened with all the banking institutions in the country have accumulated 1.63 million euros. On Thursday the mobile message number 828, received over 23,000 messages using the text “Ajuda”, which represented more than 44,000 euros during the one day. New donations have arrived from Ski Andorra, the International Club of Andorra, the neighbours of the village of Ransol, the Automobile Club d’Andorra and the Inner Wheel.



· Our reading club has not stopped! Next Tuesday, 14th April at 18h we will discuss the last book we read “Tres dies i una vida” (Three days and One life” by #PierreLemaitre and we’ll do it from home via #zoom. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will tell you how to connect.


· Pocoyó is very happy with the fantastic reception he received from children and adults alike! The video (below) was made with the help of citizens who sent us images. Thanks so much to everyone !! Yesterday afternoon the Pocoyó went up to Arinsal. Notice all the kids doing great!

(See https://twitter.com/comudelamassana?lang=en and scroll down to the video– a person dressed up and dancing and clapping on the back of a pick-up to entertain the children during lockdown. Good for the children at home to watch too.)


· Despite the impact of the health crisis, the comú of Sant Julià de Lòria has planned essential investments for 2020. Among them is a new water tank in Nagol and the rebuilding of the municipal waste disposal centre, affected by the landslide in the Portalada.


· News from other places. Whilst Googling Isle of Man to ascertain its status (a self-governing British Crown Dependency) I found this bit of news. Chief Constable Gary Roberts said there had been a 71% rise in domestic disputes, adding that some people “were finding it difficult to be together” during the measures. On the positive side, overall crime on the island had halved since 27 March.

· So far I’ve heard of copies of Updates going to Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Kuwait, Mexico, Mozambique, South Africa, the UK and the US. Evidence of Andorra’s intelligent fight against Covid-19 is travelling world wide!


· Report by the world’s largest Health Insurance company: Pingan.

Sent by Iain Woolward. https://www.pingan.cn/app_upload/file/official/SpecialReport_20200407.pdf


· Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, at 19h on YouTube you can see Andrea Bocelli streamed live from the Duomo di Milano Cathedral. Learn more below https://www.simplemost.com/andrea-bocelli-doing-easter-concert-live-youtube/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huTUOek4LgU sent by Sandy Norman


· Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half with a drinking problem.


· As a serious, positive comment, the Covid 19 pandemic is a classic, in our face example of evolution in progress. Mother Nature has one rule only, the survival of the fittest, and she continually sends us challenges that tests our strengths. She cares not if the virus wins or we do, but if we win, as we surely will, then we will come out stronger. We will have additional weapons in our bodies immune defences, and as a society, lessons will be learnt and we will be better prepared for when she puts another spike in our wheel…and she will!!

· Brings real heroes into the limelight.

· Lots of people I know who used to drink too much decided to stop drinking until the end of lockdown.

· Having no guilt at getting up late.

· I invited my upstairs neighbour’s son, aged 20, to come and “play” in my garden after he had finished all his University end-of-year exams on line (with visual supervision to make certain students didn’t cheat) and he so enjoyed kicking a football around for an hour of freedom.

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