PICK OF THE WEEK: Andorra (Pyrenees)

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489 active cases (5 more cases than yesterday which was 10 more than the day before)

55 in the hospital: 38 on the wards and 17 in the ICU (13 with mechanical ventilation. One more patient was taken off the ventilator.)

For the fourth consecutive day there were no admissions into ICU.

434 cases are at home

52 hospital discharges positive Sanitary:

18 special workers are positive, the same as yesterday.

89 healthcare workers are positive.


· The Health Minister, Joan Martínez Benazet (isolated at home with mild covid-19 symptoms) emphasized that treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was now widespread. He also said that because of its good results, he wanted to expand the treatment to people with mild symptoms.

· He also emphasized that the antibody screening project would put us in a good position to assess the virus’s impact on the Andorran population. He said that it was extraordinary that the health care system had not collapsed, and that it was thanks to the population’s commitment not to leave home.

· Martínez Benazet warned of the great difficulties involved in controlling an outbreak. However, the possibility of allowing activities in a “responsible” and “orderly” manner is now being studied.

· Cuban professionals joined the SAAS yesterday and have been distributed through the different care services. This will reduce the pressure on the SAAS professionals, who are grateful for the work they are doing.

· Masks: Remember that they must be purchased in an orderly manner and that they will be available for the entire population. He also reported that there will be children’s masks.

· Remember that the best way to disinfect spaces are to open the windows to ventilate them and to clean the surfaces where virus particles may be lurking.



· The Government Spokesman, Eric Jover, reported on the governing decision on the public debt auction through debt issues. The Government has 795 million euros in different issues which are renewed periodically. This week a package of 125 million had to be renewed over two years, with a very competitive interest of 0.75%. Applications were 187 million, more than 150%. This consolidates the message that the Government has the ability to finance itself at a competitive cost:

· In the first package of measures, more than 200 million euros were injected into the economy, and a second economic measure is being prepared. This emission path shows that it is a good way to address the Government’s need for funding.

· Housing subsidies. There were 1,454 requests, of which 1,072 were resolved favourably. More than 2 million euros were donated. So far, all the information-documentation that was submitted at the time of application for the grants were valid.

· Application of B-resol which is available to young people, is a specialized tool for combating bullying. The tool is still active in identifying any motives of harassment, and expands from 12 to 18.


· Solidarity Funds: 1.5 million euros has accumulated in the special bank accounts throughout the country. SMS 828 received over 23,000 messages with the text “ajuda”, representing more than 44,000 euros. (Unbelievably easy: just five taps and you’ve donated 10€! C.A.) The group Folklore Casa Portugal and the Associació de Gent Gran de Canillo have made donations.

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