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484 active cases (10 more than yesterday which was 17 more than the day before.)
52 cases in hospital: 38 on the wards and 17 in ICU (14 with mechanical ventilation.
The youngest patient has been taken off the ventilator.)
432 at home.
18 special workers are positive – 1 more than yesterday.
91 healthcare workers are positive – the same as for the past two days.
39 have recovered.
40 have been discharged from hospital .
22 fatalities in total – 1 more than yesterday.
(545 is the accumulated total of confirmed C19 cases in Andorra)


• The Health Minister, Joan Martínez Benazet (isolated at home with mild covid-19 symptoms) said the pressure in the healthcare system has dropped and for three days no one has been admitted to ICU. The minister has announced that two more mechanical ventilators are arriving tomorrow and five more on Thursday.
• Epidemiological graphs were explained (on TV) by epidemiologist Dra. Garcia, who stated that, according to the charts, we are approaching flattening, though we must be cautious, as any action can affect this tendency. Remember that we still have to make the effort to stay home;
• In terms of the cumulative incidence – which refers to the number of cases over the whole population and allows us to compare Andorra with other areas – we can see that our growth is lower than in other countries around the world where they have suffered from system saturation. In terms of age range in detected cases, older adults of both sexes have been more affected, but more tests were made on them because of their
• The Health Minister thinks that the fact that we have a high incidence is because we are one of the countries in the world that has done the most PCR tests and, also, we are a travel destination and, at the beginning, we had a very incidence of infection. But, thanks to the measures taken, we have been able to prevent a health service collapse.
• Martínez Benazet celebrated that healthcare collapse has been avoided, and everyone who needed it has been able to have a mechanical respirator with adequate staff. With regard to the 39 Cuban doctors, they have all proved negative on their second PCR tests and will be able to join the healthcare team shortly.
• Masks: The minister has asked the citizenry to be responsible when collecting their two masks. Go to your pharmacy in an orderly manner, as everyone will be able to be protected on the street when needed. Masks have been distributed all over the country with 1,000 per pharmacy. There are currently no stock issues and if needed they can be replenished.
• Homemade masks are still available. More than 6,500 masks were produced. Companies that need them can continue to contact [email protected]
• He also said that when we start to open up from the lockdown it will be done prudently, for the freedom of individuals and the economy. If we went back to school and activities, we the virus could peak as it has not gone away but is still transmitting.
• The Minister thanked the French health system for offering hospitalization facilities in the event that Andorra needs them. Benazet said that the offer was reciprocal, with both Ariège and Alt Urgell being offered places here if needed.


• The Government Spokesman, Eric Jover, said they are preparing the second phase to cover operating and refinancing costs of 489 self-employed and 825 companies. 9.1 million euros have been authorised for operating expenses, and 250 thousand euros for refinancing costs.
• For those companies and self-employed who are still having problems and have yet to apply, it has been agreed with Andorran Banking that in order to help the business fabric and the freelancers, they will not charge commissions or penalize them for any discoveries associated with this topic. The country’s banking institutions have presented this measure with the intention of helping companies in this situation.
• For any doubts about filling out the applications, companies and the self-employed should go to govern.ad/coronavirus.


• The post offices are full mostly due to transfer transactions. We are working with Andorran Banking to see if part of this postal activity could be supplemented by the banks, although transactions via mail are not the same as those performed by banks.
• Police patrols stepped up to monitor the road networks at the weekend. They observed that good civic behaviour has continued and there is no need to take tougher action. Jové reminded us that we still need to be cautious and responsible.
• It is not known when the schools can be reopened. Government experts need more health data to make decisions on opening and setting up the next school calendar.
• The Government has received requests to launch in-house e-commerce. They are considering it.


• Solidarity Funds: so far accumulated in the accounts opened in the country’s banking institutions: 1.492 million euros. SMS 828, more than 22,500 messages were received with the text “Ajuda”, representing more than 44,000 euros. (Why not send your messages NOW? It’s so easy. C.A.) The Andorran Cancer Association, the Skal Club, SEUR and the Official College of Nurses have made significant donations.

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