#23 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Saturday, 4th April, 2020


· The Health Minister, Joan Martínez Benazet, was optimistic as he sees no pressure on the healthcare system or on the ICU at the moment, and that this is thanks to us all staying at home. He emphasized that this should not make us relax. It will allow us to open up activities sooner, but at this time we must avoid a new epidemiological curve. This is a key moment.

· He emphasized that this strategy from the Ministry of Health adapts quickly to new knowledge about coronavirus, moving forward into future scenarios. That is why patients began to be treated very early with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin:

· Masks: For the next months, we must all wear a mask on the street, but we can remove them in natural spaces. Little by little, we will have to get our supplies, but the distribution will need to be done slowly, otherwise pharmacies and supply points will collapse. He recommends calling your pharmacy to order them. Homemade masks are providing an excellent level of protection, not for medical staff, who are in direct contact with the sick, but for everyday activities.

· The Minister has announced that from now on the Cuban physicians will be able to join the health service. The sample that had tested positive for Covid-19 was ultimately negative in two subsequent tests. This group have now all given negative results. This will help free up our healthcare professionals.

· The Minister took the opportunity to thank the Cubans, and to thank those who have been active during this general confinement, for their work.

· He also said that they are fighting to create a prevention strategy. They are preparing procedures that will help them manage the epidemic so that they can return to normal life if the virus remains with us.

· The head of Health says that the Executive continues to focus efforts on strengthening the capacity of mechanical ventilation in Hospital Nuestra Señora de Meritxell: 5 ventilators are about to arrive from Spain. 10 more are having problems getting here, but they are being reserved.

· Tomorrow the specialist will explain the details of the epidemiological curve.


457 Active cases (29 more than yesterday which was 21 more than the day before)

50 cases in hospital: 32 on the wards and 18 in the ICU (14 with mechanical ventilation. One more has had the ventilator removed.)

407 at home.

17 Special workers are positive:

91 Health workers are positive

26 cases have recovered

36 cases have been discharged from hospital

18 have died including one ICU patient


· A SUMMARY OF MEASURES. The government has organized the return of 14 Portuguese seasonal workers to their country and, taking advantage of this bus trip, will repatriate 5 Andorran people from Portugal. They are takeing these actions

proactively so that the temporary residents can return to their countries, and if there is any Andorran resident who wants to return to Andorra, we will contact them to help them. All these actions are not limited to Argentinean nationals only, they are for all the seasonal workers of all nationalities in the country.

· Self-Employed. Those who request or want to suspend their contributions to CASS must state that they will continue to have health coverage, sick leave and paternity and maternity leave. There are two options that will not be considered: on the one hand, the accumulation of points will be suspended and on the other, the leave will not be considered due to an occupational accident. This will entail an economic cost that will be borne by the Andorran Social Security Fund in the first instance, but it will be the Government who pays the person who finally assumes it.

· Applications for 1.254 million have been received to cover operating and refinancing costs, of which 74 million is requests for refinancing. The resolution process is accelerating. Of the 120 already made, 101 are already partially assessed and 19 are underestimated. 34% of the initial amount in these cases has been awarded for operating expenses, about 13.4 million, and 21% for refinancing.

· Although the process is not closed, applications that are coming in now are for smaller amounts. With the current applications together, the 130 million of the first aid package will be sufficient, and we will have to see if a second aid package will be necessary.

· Mobility and travel: There has been a reduction in travel this weekend

· It is worth noting a gesture from the lawyers’ collective who, considering that the law firms are closed, but that there will be a great many doubts and questions, they have opened a telephone to assist everyone who needs it: 806 930 or to the mail [email protected].

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