Total turnover of sport market sector of Andorra’s economy is about 200 mln euro

sport-sector-of-economyThe Department of Sports of ACTUA analyzed the situation in the sport sector in the economy of Andorra. Total turnover of sport market sector of Andorra’s economy today is about 200 mln euro, reports ACTUA. The labor market of the sport sector of Andorran economy today – 3252 persons in 92 companies. Sport has a significant and growing impact on Andorra’s economy and society.

According to the head of sport department of ACTUA Lawrence Lestang, today “we need to make another step to determine the future strategy, which must be agreed by the governmental administration and the private sector. The purpose of the strategy – to increase the Principality’s competitiveness in the global sport market”.

The consultant of ACTUA Maria Pedrals also thinks, that “sport sector in general and mountain sports are still the basic in the tourism sector in general. All companies of Andorran sport sector have the intention to develop, to improve their profitability, which could be achieved only with the implementation of innovations”.

ACTUA is the agency responsible for economic promotion in the Principality in terms of both national and International investors looking to develop new businesses in Andorra.

The ACTUA Program has been developed in parallel with legal reforms with the support and participation of all economic agents, with the aim of facilitating investments and economic diversification in Andorra.

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