Only 78,27% of the candidates successfully passed the DELF-DALF exams

Today the Lycée Comte de Foix college (France) in Andorra (Pyrenees), has announced the results of the exams in French Delf (Diplome d’études en langue française) – Dalf (Diplome de langue française it). 78,27% of the candidates successfully passed the examinations.

96% successfully passed Beginner level (A1), a similar indicator of the candidates who passed the level A2. The results of candidates who have confirmed their knowledge at level B1 was higher – 96,63%. Level B2 (minimum level necessary for University studies in France) was confirmed by only 69,19%, C1 – 64,52%, and C2 (the highest level, indicating proficiency in the French language) – 52,94%.

For the youngest candidates this year was also successful – Delf junior has been passed successfully by 94,53% of people.

Totally 556 applicants were admitted to the exams.

French language courses in Andorra are held on a free basis.

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