Mercedes-Benz TN

1980 Mercedes-Benz TN 310D in Andorra la Vella (Andorra)

In 1977 Mercedes-Benz introduced a new van/truck (a.k.a. transporter), called T1 internally. Other designations were series TN / T1N (“Transporter Neu” / “Transporter 1Neu”) and Bremer Transporter, since the vehicle was built in the Transporter-Plant in Bremen, Germany, first. In the years 1983/1984 production went – piece by piece – to the Transporter-Plant-Düsseldorf (city in the Rhineland, Germany). The internal chassis-designations (Baumuster, “BM”) are: 601 (2,55-2,8t GVWR), 602 (3,2-3,5t GVWR) and 611 (4,6t GVWR).

1994 Mercedes-Benz TN 308D in Barnaul (Altai, Russia)

The TN/T1 was available as a minibus or fitted with a cargo box body or flat cargo bed. A double cab version was offered in the latter two configurations. Three wheel bases were available, with gross weight ratings ranging from 2.55 to 4.6 tonnes. Mercedes-Benz-built gasoline or diesel engines were available as powerplant options for the rear-wheel drive chassis. The best known 4×4 Versions of the Mercedes TN/T1 were made by Iglhaut by adjusting parts of the G-Wagen to the TN/T1-chassis. The TN/T1 van was also used as a campervan conversion, being much larger than the Volkswagen Transporter. In 1995, after 18 years of production, the TN/T1 van series was discontinued, succeeded by the T1N “Sprinter”.

In Philippines, Mercedes-Benz T1 rebadged version, Togo Atlas is locally made by Morales Motors. The Atlas also offered as minibus or chassis cab for jeepneys and utility trucks.

Assembly: Bremen (Germany)

Years of production: 1977—1995

Production: 970,000 units

Length: 5885 mm

Width: 2000 mm

Height: 2540 mm

Powerplant: OM617.913

Engine: 5 cylinders; 2998 cc

Power: 88 HP

Max speed: 110 km/h

Fuel consumption: 22 l/100 km

Weight: 2095 kg

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