1965 Pontiac 2+2. Black version

The Pontiac 2+2 is a full size automobile that was manufactured by Pontiac, built on the B-body chassis. It debuted for the 1964 model year as a trim-only option for the Pontiac Catalina, with special door panels, bucket seats with a center console, and exterior badging. Pontiac marketed the 2+2 as the “big brother” to the popular Pontiac GTO.

Beginning in 1965 the name Catalina was no longer found on the car, although it was still an option on the Catalina. The 2+2 was equipped with a 421 cu in (6.9 L) V8 engine, dual exhaust, heavy-duty front springs as well as unique exterior body trim. It continued on the same platform, but became a separate Pontiac series for the 1966 model year. The 2+2 reverted to an option on the Catalina for 1967 and was discontinued in the United States the same year due to poor sales.

It continued as a series in Canada until 1970. All Canadian-built 2+2’s were equipped with a Pontiac body on a Chevrolet chassis, with the full range of Chevrolet engines available from inline 6-cylinder to big-block V8.

The name 2+2 reappeared briefly in 1986 on the Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 G-body “aerobody” coupe, of which 1,225 were built.

Made in the USA

Years of production: 1964-1967

Engine: 8 cylinders; 6902 cc

Power: 365 HP

Max speed: 215 km/h

Weight: 1913 kg

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