1954 BMW R 67/2. Black version in Andorra la Vella

The BMW R 67 is a two-cylinder motorcycle from Bayerische Motoren Werke with a displacement of 600 cm³ and a rated output of 19.5 kW (26 hp). When it appeared in February 1951, together with the 500 cc parallel model BMW R 51/3, it was the first major new BMW motorcycle development after the Second World War; the R 51/2 model produced in 1950 still had the pre-war engine with two chain-driven camshafts. After 1,470 R 67s had been produced, the R 67/2 came out in December 1951 with a 2 hp increase in nominal output; it was manufactured 4234 times up to 1954 and was the fastest German touring motorcycle until the appearance of the 35 hp BMW R 68 sports model.

The typical appearance of the R 67 included the so-called “fishtail” mufflers, which disappeared as part of the model upgrade in 1954. The R 67 and R 67/2 were mostly driven with a sidecar, which benefited from the good torque curve, while the R 51/3 was often driven solo.

The indirect predecessor of the R 67 was the pre-war model BMW R 6 or the BMW R 66 (1938-1941).


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