1953 Panhard Levassor Dyna Junior X87. Blue version

1953 Panhard Levassor Dyna Junior X87 chassis. Blue version

The Panhard Dyna Junior is a small sports car built by Panhard from 1952 until 1956. The car was initially offered as a roadster and later as a cabriolet. Slightly over 4,700 were built.

The Dyna Junior would use two versions of the Dyna X chassis over the course of its production history. Early Juniors used the X86 chassis from the Dyna X 120 while later models used the X87 chassis from the Dyna X 130. This platform gave the Junior a wheelbase of 2,127 mm (83.7 in) and front and rear tracks of 1,220 mm (48.0 in).

The front suspension was independent with upper and lower transverse leaf springs, while the rear was a rigid trailing axle with a central pivot and torsion bars. Shock-absorbers were hydraulic Houdaille units and the brakes were nine-inch drums on all four wheels. Tires front and rear were 145 x 400. The transaxle was the four-speed manual gearbox from the Dyna X.

The Dyna Junior was powered by the air-cooled two-cylinder OHV boxer engine designed by Louis Delagarde. The earliest cars used the 745 cc (45.5 cu in) GM750 SS3 engine that produced 24.3 kW (32.6 hp) at 5,000 rpm giving a maximum speed of 120 km/h (74.6 mph). The GM750 Sprint engine that produced 26.5 kW (35.5 hp) at 5000 rpm from the same displacement was an option.

In April 1952 the larger 851 cc (51.9 cu in) GM850 38 CV engine making 27.9 kW (37.4 hp) became available, raising top speed to 125 km/h (77.7 mph). The GM 850 S 40 CV Sprint version of this engine making 30.9 kW (41.4 hp) at 5000 rpm could also be ordered.

In February 1953, the roadster was joined in Panhard’s lineup by a cabriolet version that came with exterior door handles and wind-up glass side windows in place of the plastic sliders on the roadster. In March the Junior began to use the X87 chassis, and a three-seat bench seat was fitted.

In 1954, the grille from the Dyna X was replaced by a simpler oval opening with an aluminum crosspiece similar to that on the Dyna Z and the instrument panel was upgraded to two dials. In March 1954, the bumpers were changed. In June of this year the 745 cc versions were dropped.

In 1955, the car was offered with an optional MAG supercharger that raised power at 60 hp and top speed to 145 km/h. In March the roadster was dropped from the line-up.

Production of the Panhard Dyna Junior ceased in April 1956.

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