15V75 Torf-2

The station is intended for:

  • organizations with the highest levels of management and organization of communications in the link command post of a missile regiment – command post of a missile division;
  • ensuring combat duty by a communications crew at a field position.

Development bureau: Krasnoyarskiy Radiozavod (Krasnoyarsk, USSR)

Assembly: Krasnoyarskiy Radiozavod (Krasnoyarsk, USSR)

In service: 1986—

Length: 16 m

Chassis: MAZ-543A

Power: 525 HP

Max speed: 60 km/h

Range: 500 km

Weight: 34 t

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

The MAZ-543/MAZ-7310 “Uragan” (Russian: МАЗ-543/МАЗ-7310 “Ураган”/Hurricane) is a Soviet/Belarusian 8×8 artillery truck designed and developed by MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant), in what is now Belarus.

Designed in the 1960s, the MAZ-543 was presented on 7 November 1965 during the Moscow Red Square military parade as part of SS-1с Scud B (9K72 Elbrus) system. The vehicle is powered by a 38.9 litre D12A-525 tank diesel engine producing around 525 horsepower, and gives a maximum road speed of 37 mph (60 km/h). There have been a number of variants.

The 1967 MAZ-543A, arrived (with extra carrying capacity up to 22000 kg).

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