15V148 Topol: Soviet combat duty support vehicle of RS-12M Topol and 15V75 Torf-2

The vehicle is designed to provide:

  • electricity for staff at the field position and in an emergency at the starting position;
  • preparing meal for staff;
  • recreation;
  • organizing and carrying out guard duty in the field.

Development bureau: TsKB «Titan» (Volgograd, USSR)

Chief engineer: Viktor Shurigyn

Assembly: PO «Barrikady» (Volgograd, USSR)

In service: 1988—

Crew: 10

Length: 15 m

Power: 525 HP

Max speed: 45 km/h

Range: 850 km

Weight: 43 t

Armament: chain gun PKT (7.62 mm)

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

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