122 mm M1931/37 (A-19). Index GRAU: 52-P-471A

122 mm corps gun M1931/37 (A-19) (Russian: 122-мм корпусная пушка обр. 1931/1937 гг. (А-19)) was a Soviet field gun developed in late 1930s by combining the barrel of the 122 mm gun M1931 (A-19) and the carriage of the 152 mm howitzer-gun M1937 (ML-20).

The gun was in production from 1939 until 1946. It saw action in World War II and remained in service for a long time after the end of the war. Vehicle-mounted variants of the gun were fitted to the IS-2 and IS-3 tanks of the Iosif Stalin series of tanks and the ISU-122 self-propelled gun.

Design bureau: №172 Plant design bureau (F. F. Petrov)

Country: USSR

Produced: 1939-1946

Production: 2450

Crew: 9

Rate of fire: 4 rounds/minute

Muzzle velocity: 806 m/s

Fire range: 20 km

Weight: 7907 kg

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

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