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· All 12 beds in the Intensive Care Unit are equipped with ventilators.

· Martínez Benazet said, “Decisions must be made day by day. Constraints cannot be lifted until the curve of new cases flattens out. I think this present situation will last about a month and a half to two months.”

· From Thursday 19th to Monday 23rd March, 116 samples were collected for testing at the new, drive-in facility, from people suspected of carrying the virus.

· Benazet reported that they have increased the number of testing laboratories so that further investigations can be carried out.

· Martínez Benazet warned “There will come a time when we will have a collapse in the service but we are trying to lengthen out the peak with quarantining and social distancing. We are also increasing our diagnostic capacity”.

· Stay at home so as to prevent the virus from travelling.

· Attention: If you lose the sense of taste or smell, new investigations show that it could be the start of a Covid-19 infection. If you have such symptoms please call your doctor.

· Benazet firmly told off the press for making public the name of the man who died yesterday before he had had time to tell the family. He said that does not help the families at such a difficult time.

· Fans of the much appreciated Martínez Benazet, set up a Twitter Fan Club for him. Is this perhaps a record for a Minster?


162 positive cases in total at present – 31 more than yesterday. (45 are healthcare workers.)

26 are in hospital, 7 of those are on ventilators in ICU, including a 24-y-o hospital worker.

9 of the positives are at El Cedre.

30% of hospital healthcare workers are either ill or in quarantine.

An 88-y-o man died in ICU though it has not been confirmed if he had Covid-19


· From the Government. Today we want to share an important recommendation to avoid a concentration of people in pharmacies and supermarkets. Order your purchases over the phone and leave the house only to pick them up when the store says they are ready.


· Food shops have been told to reserve their first opening hour for the most vulnerable groups.

· But rather than going to the shops, the government encouraged Home Delivery.

· Jover again spoke about the Ominbus law and gave the phone number, 180, for companies’ inquiries.

· The Government spokesman also announced the approval of a new Decree banning pharmacies from advertising their products.

· Small shops that do not have enough face masks can contact [email protected]


· Social Affairs has enabled the following telephone WhatsApp telephone number +376 606181 to help victims of gender-based violence. Messages will be answered 24 hours a day.

TWEETS from the Comuns and others.

CANILLO hasn’t tweeted anything for ten days. Maybe the person concerned is ill?


· mascaretesandorra, the mask-making network have already prepared 50 units. The Comú will take care of collecting and taking them to the Government distribution centre.


· “Elderly people are the most vulnerable and deserve our full help. Many do not have social networks and that is why we are asking for help.”

· The promoters of the “Andorra Masks” programme ask the citizens of La Massana to centralize the delivery of the masks by telephoning 384 216 (Josep Fusté) Many thanks to all those who collaborated in this project and in other supportive actions, too. #quedatacasa


· Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and must stay home. We are at your disposal to help you make purchases and attend to any need. Talk to the elderly over the phone and be supportive.

· We are working with the citizen’s initiative to make cloth masks. We put cloth and supplies at your disposal. Call 165 (Circulation Service) to collect and deliver the material.


· Thanks to all the volunteers and workers who demonstrate every day that we have a magnificent network of citizen collaboration.

· Make responsible use of parking spaces. They are needed more than ever by the carriers who have to unload the products for the shops.

· Remember that the blue line zones are exempt from payment.


· The Comú are making calls to those in the parish who are living in isolation and who need help sorting out their medicines, food or medical services. If you or anyone you know is in this situation, the contact telephone numbers are: 167 or 890 890.

· The Comú will send someone out to make an assessment and offer recommendations how to help them. What you must not do is go to a health centre or the hospital.

· It’s very important to exercise at home. As from yesterday, every day at 11:00, LIVE on the Instagram account @eesportacasa the Sports Department of @comuee is offering WE TRAIN HOME Live Fitness Classes!

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